Why Choose Us?

My intention with this journal is to guide you through a self discovery journey, help you to unlock your authenticity and to have a daily energy and motivation  in order to become the best version of yourself every day.

Happiness is a choice. Is your decision!

The last 18 months I've learned about the power of journaling, it's my morning habit and i truly love it. It's something i always suggest to my clients too.The Ignite Your Authentic Self Journal is my new passion because i can have all my thoughts in this journal.

Christina Pikoula
Life Coach

About Us


Manifestation Expert, Empowerment and Mindset Coach / Writer

My name is Alexia and i am from Cyprus. I was a bank employee but i took the decision to live my life in my way and do what i love and i am passionate about. 

Investing in my self and my personal growth was the biggest gift i could ever  give my self .My interest in personal development started many years ago but when i did the "work" i saw the big results. 

BELIEVE ,PRACTICE AND REPETITION was the secret formula to manifest my new reality.

Now i am an empowerment and mindset coach and i I teach you how to take your power back,be happy on purpose and reprogramm your subconsious mind in order to create and achieve your goals.

My core values in life are freedom, truth, dignity, courage , justice and service as better i can. I am obssesed making people feeling confidence and inner peace in order to be free. 

Journaling and writing have been the strongest tools i had and i want YOU to benefit from this tool also!

You deserve it !